Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed Adopts Priorities for 2016

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed adopted three priorities for 2016 during its Annual Member Meeting yesterday. These priorities will be the main focus of the Coalition and its efforts, though, it will continue to respond to emerging issues as they arise. The priorities identified and adopted through a nomination process in which each member of the Coalition had the opportunity to propose a priority for consideration by the Steering Committee. The top three priorities identified by the Steering Committee were then approved and adopted by the full Coalition.

The CDRW priorities for 2016 are:

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed will support watershed-wide and transparent planning in the Watershed that comprehensively addresses its biggest challenges. The Coalition will work as a convener of the watershed as it creates a unified vision and advocate for accountability in the adoption of a planning framework. The Coalition will facilitate and coordinate watershed-wide efforts to develop a vision and plan for the Watershed by hosting outreach events, including the 2016 Delaware River Watershed Forum, tailored to discussing priorities around topics identified by the Coalition Steering Committee, such as water quality and quantity, wildlife habitat, recreation, climate resilience, and sustainable economies.

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed will support federal policies and spending that promote a healthy Watershed. The Coalition will leverage efforts in the Watershed by acting as a unified voice to ensure federal policies and spending support restoration and protection of the Delaware River Basin through direct advocacy, outreach and education, and grassroots organizing throughout the region and in Washington, DC. The Coalition will educate members of Congress on key policy issues, including the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and the Clean Water Act through briefings, in-district engagements, and at the Delaware River Watershed Hill Day.

The Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed will support state efforts and policies to secure funding for clean water projects in the Watershed. The Coalition will support clean water policies and funding for the Watershed by promoting state-wide and local efforts that are identified through the State Lead Initiative, including writing letters of support, submitting public comments when the opportunity is available, endorsing issue campaigns, and distributing calls to action around pertinent issues.

Over the next year, Coalition staff, members, and partners will work towards achieving the goals and objectives established by these priorities. For more information on the priorities and the Coalition, contact Madeline Emde at