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The Occasional Nature Warrior, Asbury, NJ

Please join Musconetcong Watershed Association for this adult summer camp program!

Part of MWA's Adult Camp experience: If they called it "Wilderness Skills" you wouldn't come because you probably live in New Jersey, and wilderness to you is Pennsylvania. But wilderness survival skills can be relevant to anyone visiting NJ’s beautiful parks and preserves, many of which are unattended and have large expanses of remote forested areas.

MWA can't make you experts at survival in a day, but in this camp session, you'll get some useful suburban survival information (like the ubiquitous backyard pant that treats a bee sting or how to keep calm when you think you're lost). They won't ask you to eat bugs, but they will treat you to a campfire lunch - just as soon as you are able to build a fire without a match!

You've all heard not to stand under a tree in a lightning storm, but what if you're in the woods when one blows in? What kinds of things can you do to signal for help? Could you purify some water for drinking without a device or a pill?

The scary ticks will still be in the woods, but at the end of this camp, you should have more confidence going deeper into our forested wilds.

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