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Webinar: Forest Management in a Changing Climate

The climate in the upper Delaware river watershed is getting warmer, wetter, and more volatile; these trends are expected to continue over the next several decades. What does this mean for your land? Forest management is complicated enough; changes in weather patterns will make it even harder. Sugar maples and cherries are moving north. Invasive plants are crowding the understory and pests are spreading. Floods are becoming stronger; summers are getting hotter. Cold-water fish are facing more thermal stress.

Join us for a webinar that will detail how climate change is likely to affect your woods, and what you can do to make sure they still work for you. We will focus on principles of forest management, how local forests may change over the next few decades due to climate change, what steps landowners and managers can take to make forests more resilient, and resources -- both expertise and financial support – that will help you address these challenges in ways that work best for you and your land.

Who should participate? Landowners, foresters, natural resource managers, and anyone who is interested in local climate change impacts and solutions!

For more information about climate change impacts in the upper half of the Delaware Basin, visit