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Huck Finn for a Day, Asbury, NJ


Please join Musconetcong Watershed Association for this adult summer camp program!

Part of MWA's Adult Camp experience: Remember Huck Finn's idyllic childhood? Living in a small town. Barefoot. Climbing trees. Turning over rocks. And one grand float on the Mississippi River. This camp will recreate that summertime-is-forever feeling.

Campers will leave their "cramped up and smothery" (Mark Twain) real life behind and have a carefree day of exploring the banks - and the water - of the Mighty Musconetcong with the MWA's storey-filled Education Director.

While playing in and along the river from the small town of Asbury, you will learn how to recognize a healthy ecosystem and how to 'read' a river - how a fisherman reads it, how a river scientific reads it, and how a kayaker reads it. After campers are introduced to kayak safety and the basics of paddling, the river adventure continues in the kayaks, explore the ecosystem in the calmer waters above the dam. (OK, not a Huck Finn raft, but it floats!)

Plan on getting your feet wet; after that, how wet you get is up to you!

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