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The Birds and the Bees for Adults, Asbury, NJ

Please join Musconetcong Watershed Association for this adult summer camp program!

Part of MWA's Adult Camp experience: Insects are the most abundant animals on earth! Not only are these creepy-crawlies everywhere, they provide us with necessary benefits.

Through a variety of interactive hikes in MWA's Education Trail and the surrounding river environs, this camp will explore the conservation of bees, butterflies, and birds. There will be discussion about invasive and native plants and how you can encourage beneficial insects and birds in your yard.

Expect there to be some humorous double-entendre in keeping with the camp's title as our gifted educators warm to their adult audience. Campers will collect insect-friendly natural materials during their field time to construct and take home their own insect "hotel". We will meet at MWA's River Resource Center, but if conditions are right, we will carpool over to Point Mountain Reservation (~5 miles away) for the birding.

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