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Green Eggs and Sand Aquatic Curriculum Workshop, Stone Harbor, NJ

Please join the NJ Department of Environmental Protection in learning about horseshoe crabs and shorebirds in its annual Green Eggs & Sand workshop!

During the full and new moon events in May and June, thousands of horseshoe crabs come ashore to spawn, primarily in Delaware Bay. It is also during this time when migrating shorebirds descend upon the beaches to rest and feed on the horseshoe crab eggs before continuing onto their breeding grounds. This interaction between horseshoe crab, shorebird and humans is what lays the ground works for the Green Eggs & Sand (GE&S) workshop.

The GE&S workshop is a two-day workshop focusing on promoting understanding the issues, the science and the management of the horseshoe crab/shorebird controversy. Workshop participants learn from top researchers and natural managers in the field, as well as get to participate in a horseshoe crab count.

While GE&S is primarily geared towards educators and students in biological fields, and will give registration preference to them, its doors are open to all willing to learn.

While Stone Harbor is just outside the Delaware River Watershed, horseshoe crabs and shorebirds focused on in the workshop live and spawn in the Delaware Bay, which is an important part of the watershed.

For more information about lodging and registration, please click here!