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Introduction to EnviroDIY Sensor Stations, Avondale, PA


Please join the Stroud Water Research Center for its introductory course into EnviroDIY!

The Stroud Center’s EnviroDIY workshop for learning about low-cost, open-source, real-time environmental monitoring systems covers the following topics:

  • an introduction to Arduino-compatible hardware and software (and programming);

  • using various environmental sensors (both classroom sensors and more robust outdoor appropriate sensors);

  • building and weatherproofing a monitoring station for outdoor deployment; attendees will be introduced to the tools and techniques needed for field deployment (typically for stream/river monitoring, but adaptable for terrestrial and meteorological monitoring) and maintenance;

  • introduction to data visualization, management, analysis, and interpretation.

Attendees will have an opportunity for hands-on experience with a variety of classroom and real-world sensors and equipment.

For more information and to register, please click here!