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Hike to Cherry Creek Headwaters, Stroudsburg, PA


Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge, just outside Stroudsburg, Pa., encompasses more than 6,000 acres – a safe haven for birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals large and small. Included in that haven are the headwaters of Cherry Creek.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019, Brodhead Watershed Association and the Friends of Cherry Valley will co-host a hike to this secluded spot folded deep in a wooded, steep-sided hollow. The Friends of Cherry Valley, now headed by Deb Schuler, over a decade ago embarked on the mission to protect Cherry Valley and its creek.

Local residents, conservationists and conservation groups united to protect the valley’s history, agricultural heritage and natural resources. Now, it’s the home of 80 threatened and endangered species. A hiker can go a long way and never find anywhere more refreshing than this idyllic spot, brought to you by a community whose idea changed things for good.

This hike is a partnership between Friends of Cherry Valley and Brodhead Watershed Association. It is a challenging loop hike of about two miles. Very rocky underfoot and often steep.

Free, but registration is required. Call 570-839-1120 or 570-629-2727; email