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Citizen Science Symposium: Gathering Data, Increasing Engagement, Pennington, NJ

Citizen Science - Gathering Data, Increasing Engagement: A Multi-track Symposium Exploring Citizen Science

Sponsored by Association of Conservation Executives and Association of Nature Center Administrators with support from Marshall & Sterling Insurance.

Keynote speaker:  Mary Ellen Hannibal, award winning author of Citizen Science: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction.                                         

Citizen science empowers members of the public to collect valuable information about the natural world in collaboration with scientists; however this isn’t just about the data. Citizen science provides enriching and educational experiences for its participants. It can deepen community engagement with your organization and your mission, inspiring participants to learn and take action around environmental issues. 

Exhibiting a wealth of diversity in content and style, citizen science programs range from “pre-packaged” programs like Monarch Watch, Project Budburst, eBird, and FrogWatch to targeted programs developed and customized to address a specific local research questions and/or issues. While designed to harvest data, they should also be utilized to meet organizational goals, educate the public and build community.

Explore how members of the environmental community have used and developed citizen science programs to better understand our environment and engage the public. The Symposium will highlight a wide range of programs and issues focused on water quality, butterfly migration, bird populations and much more. We will examine use of technology, data integrity, engaging school children, and more through presentations, panel sessions, and open discussions.

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