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Bats of Petty’s Island Night Hike, Pennsauken, NJ

Join this special evening program and learn all about bats and their many important roles in nature. With the oil tanks gone we have permission to walk the road and explore the field habitats of Petty’s Island. We know bats use the island, but we’ve never been out at night to explore. We will bust some common myths about these fascinating but misunderstood animals and discuss some of the ways we can help to protect them. As the sun goes down, we will head out and try to pick up their echolocation calls with our bat detector. There is nothing quite like a nature walk at night, so come get batty with us! Children must be 12 and older to participate. Registration is REQUIRED for this trip. Details are given upon registration.

Sponsored by NJ Audubon, Delaware Riverkeeper, NJ Natural Lands Trust, Citgo, and Cooper River Watershed Association.

Registration is open June 8 to July 19 at