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2018 Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference, Malvern, PA

Hosted by the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, the 2018 Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference is an annual training and networking event for those involved in land conservation. This year's theme is "Land and Water Conservation in a Changing World."

This conference will attempt to address the various challenges and unknowns that so many organizations are confronting these days, including evolving missions, expanded service areas, new and innovative collaborations, updated fundraising strategies, changing climate, land use trends, diversification and shifting demographics, ever-changing public policy, and just maintaining relevance in a changing world. Plus we'll cover traditional topics such as land conservation, stewardship, water protection, stream and wetlands restoration, stormwater management, land use planning, forestry, organizational development, communications/outreach, fundraising, and finance. 

You can view the entire program and conference booklet online. Registration and a fee is required.