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Press Conference: Delaware River at Risk from Trump Budget Cuts (NJ)

WHAT: Restoration efforts for the Delaware River and its entire watershed--which provide drinking water for more than 3 million New Jerseyans – face uncertainty if budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration go into effect, says a new environmental analysis being released early next week. With the deadline rapidly approaching for Congress to approve the federal budget a little over a month away on September 30, a new report by Environment New Jersey documents how budget cuts proposed by the Trump Administration to the U. S. EPA could do irreparable harm to the Delaware River watershed—and undo decades of work to restore this iconic waterway.  New Jersey’s entire Congressional delegation will clearly play a pivotal role in this ongoing debate.

WHEN:  12 p.m., Tuesday, August 29

WHERE:   Plaza immediately adjoining the Trenton State House next to the fountain (between the State House and the Annex), within sight of the Delaware River