Tell Congress: Fund the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program

We need your help reaching out to Congress to tell them to fund the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program (DRBRP). This nonregulatory program will improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, reduce flood damage, and enhance recreational activities along the Delaware River by providing grant funds to local communities for on-the-ground projects.

Congress will likely vote on the entire budget, including the DRBRP, before January 19, 2018 - which means we only have a short period of time to reach out to our elected officials.

Tell Congress to ensure that the DRBRP is funded in 2018 as an investment in our water, our wildlife, and our economy.

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Taking care of the Delaware River Basin matters. It supplies drinking water to over 15 million people across four states – Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania – including New York City and Philadelphia.

Protecting the Delaware River Basin also makes good economic sense, as it contributes $25 billion annually in economic activity through fisheries, recreation, and tourism. Additionally, the Delaware River provides habitat for over 200 species of fish and serves an important source of eastern oyster, blue crab, and the largest population of American horseshoe crabs.

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Photograph by Nicholas A. Tonelli.