Update: NYC Reaches Voluntary Agreement with DE, PA and NY State

New York City, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York state have voluntarily agreed to increase water releases above Revision 1 requirements to protect the cold water ecosystem in the Upper Delaware and enhance flood protection along the river.

The voluntary agreement averts the significant reduction in water releases under Revision 1, which would negatively affect the wild trout fishery in the Upper Delaware as well as the thriving tourist industry that relies on a healthy river. Additionally, the enhanced releases protect riverside communities from flooding by creating void space in the reservoirs.

You can read the joint statement from NYC and the participating states online here.

While this voluntary agreement is a positive step, it is important for all the Decree Parties to work together to develop and agree to a long-term management plan for the NYC reservoirs that protects the people, businesses, and fish and wildlife that call the Delaware River Basin home. The Coalition will continue to work with its New York state lead Friends of the Upper Delaware River and partners throughout the region to urge the Decree Parties to reach an agreement that ensures a healthy watershed for all stakeholders.