Resources for CDRW Member Organizations

Reach a new audience across the watershed and highlight your organization's work by writing a blog for the CDRW website! Writing a blog for CDRW means that your organization's issues will be promoted on CDRW's Twitter, Facebook, two e-newsletters, and since the website is search engine optimized - CDRW blogs also show up in Google alerts and web searches. View our blog here and contact us ( if you're interested in writing a short piece.


CDRW Member Newsletter
This is a twice monthly newsletter that contains Delaware River news, as well as updates from CDRW members throughout the watershed, resources such as webinars and grants, events, and job listings. To change who at your organization receives this newsletter or to add new staff, please contact CDRW (


Delaware River Deep Dive Newsletter (for the public, membership not required)
This is a twice monthly newsletter that contains Delaware River news, events throughout the watershed, and updates from CDRW members.
To join this email list, sign up here.


Work Groups (CDRW Members can join any of these work groups at any time.)

  • Policy work group
    This work group focuses on making progress on policy priorities set forth by coalition members at the start of every new year.
    Contact to join:
  • Communications work group
    This work group focuses on creating connections and learning opportunities about communications topics (i.e social media, media relations, etc); and brings together existing and new Communications materials to better meet the needs of CDRW member organizations who either have Communications staff or need Communications support.
    Contact to join:
  • Delaware River Basin Conservation Act work group
    This work group focused on the passage of the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act which passed in December 2016 and will focus on ensuring Delaware River Basin Restoration Program funding for the future.
    Contact to join:


Communications Work Group Materials
Find the most recent policy talking points, social media guides, and other materials in the Google Drive for the CDRW Communications Work Group:

Photos from CDRW Events
Photos from our Annual Member Meeting, Hill Day, and Forum are available online for public use by Coalition members, simply credit the Coalition. 

Calendar of Events
Promote your organization's event by adding it to the CDRW calendar which is promoted on Twitter, Facebook, and two e-newsletters.
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Calendar of Events

Photograph by Nicholas A. Tonelli.