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An Eye for Eagles, Analomik, PA


Join Brodhead Watershed Association for a naturalist-led, easy hike at ForEvergreen to see the eagles and so much more.

ForEvergreen Nature Preserve has a trail that’s barely a mile, with wide gravel paths and gentle terrain. The views are pastoral and lovely but not jaw-dropping.

And then you see the eagles.

Photographers spend hours here, long lenses at the ready. Walkers, runners and dog walkers often stop in their tracks to watch an eagle tending the nest, hanging out on a nearby snag, or perching at the top of the cell tower.

Yet eagles in the spring are only the most obvious joy of this place. In summer, you might see flights of bluebirds, stocky kingfishers diving for an aquatic meal, or turtles sunning themselves on logs in the pond.

In fall, the large stand of milkweed is one of the best sites in Monroe County for Monarch butterflies. Acres of meadow plants left unmowed provide food and cover for juncos, titmice and cardinals in winter.

Year round, it’s a welcome oasis for nature lovers in Stroud Township.

Join naturalists and bird experts Jackie and Darryl Speicher, along with Carol Hillestad, for an easy walk at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve.

NOTE: Part of the funding for this preserve was provided by Pennsylvania’s Keystone Fund, which has supported 442 projects in Monroe County since its inception in 1994.

COST: Free; registration is required.

INFORMATION: Call 570-839-1120 or 570-629-2727; email

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