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Call for Volunteers: Shell-bagging, Port Norris, NJ


Please join The American Littoral Society for a day of volunteer work along the Delaware Bay!

The American Littoral Society will be building more intertidal reefs in 2019, which means they need more shell bags. They have the materials in place but need some helping hands to fill the bags.

Work will involve cutting and tying bags, filling mesh bags with shells, and stacking the bags. The work will be dirty and a bit smelly and will occur on the docks of the Maurice River, so be sure to dress appropriately. The shell bags we produce will weigh approximately 20 pounds each.

Volunteers should bring their own lunch.

This is part of ALS’s horseshoe crab beach restoration projects along the Delaware Bay. These reefs will provide calmer waters for horseshoe crab spawning and will provide habitat for juvenile fish and invertebrate species.

For additional questions, please contact Quinn Whitesall at RSVP is appreciated.