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Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators Conference, Philadelphia, PA


The Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators has released information regarding their 2019 conference, titled “Cityscapes & Greenscapes”!

The theme of this year’s conference – Cityscapes & Greenscapes – highlights how environmental education intersects and/or spans varied landscapes, urban, suburban, rural and green spaces in between. Over the years, the environmental education space has grown from just "greenscapes," to now becoming a foundation for outdoor recreation, conservation initiatives, "green" city planning, STEM education and more; so, it's time to highlight these methods of connection through presentations at the Conference.

PAEE also offers scholarships for environmental educators through their program.

Exact times for the start and end of the conference to be announced.

For more information about PAEE events and this conference, such as lodging accommodations and registrations, please visit the conference event page by clicking here.