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Biochar 2018, Wilmington, DE


Biochar 2018 will be held in Wilmington, Delaware with proximity to the Delaware River and Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Hudson Rivers, and Long Island Sounds watershed that together drain over 107,000 square miles providing critically important environmental and economic commerce, food, and natural resources for more than 45 million people. Major financial investments are being made to restore the watersheds from decades of anthropogenic impacts by industrialization, development, and agriculture.

This year's theme, “The Carbon link in Watershed Ecosystem Services” will provide technical topics to accommodate a variety of professional interests, including: Remediation and Restoration; Agriculture, Forestry and Soils; Urban Landscapes; Water, Wastewater and Biosolids; Commercialization, Production and Distribution; Regulatory Policy, Innovative Financing and Watershed Resiliency and Adaptation. 

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