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Water Affordability Workshop, Philadelphia, PA

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Making Ends Meet: A Workshop on Water Affordability
May 30-31, Philadelphia, PA

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This event is organized by Mayors Innovation Project, American Rivers, Clean Water for All, and the Water Center at Penn. Mayors, municipal elected officials, water utility leaders, and advocates are invited to join this free workshop. 

Join in to hear from community and local leaders around the nation, as well as utility leaders, on the depths of the water affordability crisis and learn about the solutions for tackling it in your community. Travel support may be available for elected officials and utility leaders – contact them to learn more. 

On the agenda:
The Philadelphia Story
How has Philadelphia Water successfully approached water affordability, and what are the takeaways for your community?
The Affordability Crisis
Rising utility bills have tangible negative impacts on households. We will discuss those impacts and the ways communities are organizing around them.
Creating Stormwater Fees
Stormwater fees are being used more and more to address runoff. What are communities doing to keep them fair and affordable?
Addressing Affordability
What can utilities and cities do to promote efficiency, develop customer assistances programs, and/or identify rate based solutions?
What Mayors and Utility Leaders need from the Federal Government
Water Affordability is a national crisis. Is there a national solution?