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DRBC/PADEP 2018 Water Loss Training, Newtown, PA

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The Delaware River Basin Commission and the Department of Environmental Protection are holding training sessions for local water suppliers on water loss management at Bucks County Community College.

The Commission has a robust water conservation program, of which one crucial component is the requirement for public water suppliers to complete an annual water loss audit utilizing the American Water Works Association’s Free Water Audit Software© program for data collection and reporting.  

The software tracks how effectively water is moved from its source to customers' taps, helping suppliers quantify and account for water losses, which may result from: leaking pipes and services, unauthorized uses, and/or inaccuracies with meters that record water delivered from sources and water used by customers. The training teaches participants how to use the AWWA Free Water Audit Software© to better understand and mitigate water losses.

All sessions are provided to water managers for free, thanks to funding from the DEP, and are being led by George Kunkel, P.E., Principal of Kunkel Water Efficiency Consulting and co-author of the software program.

Next Training Sessions

There are two more water loss training sessions scheduled, both to the held at the Bucks County Community College Newton Campus in the Gateway Center Gallagher Room--

-- October 23: Metering and Billing. Click Here to register

-- November 28: Leakage Management. Click Here to register

For more information about the Water Loss Management Training Series, contact Dr. SeungAh Byun, P.E. at 609-883-9500 x237 or send email to:  Visit DRBC’s Water Audit Program webpage for more information on that program.