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Local Environmental Advisory Council Summit, Haverford, PA


The Local Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) Summit provides an accessible opportunity to learn about what EACs in the area are doing by sharing their knowledge and exploring opportunities to collaborate and make each EAC more effective in its mission.  

Three years ago a group of EACs in the metro west townships got together for their first micro-regional gathering. They each selected the most pressing issue for discussion and shared approaches for taking them - learning from each other, exchanging information, and sharing our knowledge and experience.

Darby Creek Valley Association and Haverford Township EAC will co-host this gathering in which EAC representatives are invited to select a high priority topic related to the environment and the mission. 

Examples include:

 - Climate Change and Energy - topics like procuring green energy, greenhouse gas inventories/climate action planning, conservation, going plug-in or full electric, promoting resident awareness and action.

- Water Quality and New Stormwater Permit Requirements - achieving TMDL goals.

- Rain Gardens - developing programs for education and broad implementation.

- Other Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) - e.g., integrating permeable paving into development ordinances.

- Trees and Trails

For most of us, attending the statewide EAC meetings are not possible and this event provides a more accessible venue to learn from others and hone our craft.

Find out more and register online here.