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Healthy Oceans Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, Philadelphia, PA


The American Littoral Society has been working since 2013 to help advance regional ocean planning in the Mid-Atlantic. The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body, comprised of federal and state agencies and tribal nations recently developed a regional Ocean Action Plan to better ensure healthy ocean ecosystems and sustainable ocean uses with in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Planning Body will be meeting in Philadelphia, PA on January 24th to determine next steps for Ecologically Rich Areas and will discuss the 2017 Draft Semi-Annual Work Plan and Progress Report. The American Littoral Society will be attending to call for the immediate identification of ERAs and work toward robust stakeholder engagement in new offshore uses.

Please note that you must register by January 19 to have your name on the list for building security if you wish to attend the meeting. This meeting is open to the public, but registration is required.