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Watershed Stormwater Conference, Pennington, NJ

Stormwater impacts our health and safety when storms flood our streets and homes, and is a significant problem in New Jersey. Our streams, rivers, and lakes also suffer from stormwater runoff. Stormwater speeds down our landscape into our waterbodies, eroding stream banks and dumping a load of extra fertilizer, pesticides, heavy metals, and other chemicals in our water. Stonybrook-Millstone is offering this conference as an opportunity to learn New Jersey’s stormwater rules work from the experts. Learn also from the experts what to look for in reviewing a stormwater management plan, and how other jurisdictions are handling the problem. The day wraps up with a discussion on what steps New Jersey needs to take to solve the problem. This event has a fee of $25 and will take place at the Watershed Center for Environmental Advocacy, Science & Education, Pennington, NJ. Register here.